We are developing a proprietary therapeutic antibody lead pipeline with an initial focus on infectious diseases and cancer. Depending on the indication and target we are either using human donors or immunized animals as a source for antibody discovery.

Infectious diseases

Our infectious diseases arm reflects this approach by selecting rare patients as donors for antibody discovery who were able to successfully clear a viral infection.

Our first anti-infectious program addresses an unmet medical need in immune-compromised patients that suffer from infection by a normally harmless virus. Our development candidate is a broadly neutralizing antibody sourced from clinically selected donors showing a high potency for virus neutralization and inhibition of re-infection.

«Dual mode» immune-checkpoint inhibitor

The I-O Program targets an inhibitory immune receptor expressed on innate immune cells and TILs in 5 of the “Top 10 cancers”. By targeting this receptor with an antagonistic antibody, we aim to activate both the innate and the adaptive immune system against the tumor. This dual mode of action is expected to lower the risk of resistance and may thus lead to a more effective anti-tumor response and thus provide a very powerful therapeutic option complementary to and combinable with the current inhibitors of the PD-1 axis.

Human antibody repertoire libraries

Memo Therapeutics AG is establishing antibody repertoire libraries from diverse cohorts of clinically selected human donors in order to be able to address a diverse set of antibody or target discovery projects.