| Memo Therapeutics AG

Memo Therapeutics AG announces completion of a first commercial project validating its proprietary MemoMAB™ antibody technology platform.

Basel/Zurich, Switzerland, Nov 22, 2016, Memo Therapeutics AG, a privately-held therapeutic antibody company today announced the completion of a first commercial project using its proprietary MemoMAB™ antibody discovery platform.
The project’s objective was to discover monoclonal antibodies against a short extracellular domain (ECD) of a cancer target as candidates for the development of a therapeutic antibody construct. Due to the requirements of the project, rabbits were chosen as host animals and MemoMAB™ delivered a portfolio of specific antibodies fulfilling the client’s quality criteria within 6 weeks.


“We were impressed by the way Memo Therapeutics AG handled this project”, commented the client’s CSO. “The company was able to hand over a number of antibody candidates less than 2 months after obtaining the immunized rabbits, with the molecules having undergone a thorough selection process including a complex 3-step screening program. We look forward to further characterizing these promising candidate antibodies. Based on this excellent experience, their MemoMAB™ technology is a very probable candidate technology for our future discovery programs.“


Memo Therapeutics AG CSO Christoph Esslinger commented: “This was a unique opportunity for Memo Therapeutics AG to show the power of the MemoMAB™ technology. We are delighted that the technology delivered on its promises in a first commercial project.”